Fishing with Dad

It's a memory almost as iconic as learning to ride a bike: the day your dad took you fishing for the first time. The sound of the water lapping against the shore, or the side of your boat. The smell. The mystery of what might be lurking just below the surface, beyond what you could see, even if you squinted.

Then there was the feeling of that perfect cast, when dad stepped away and let your arm make that graceful arc on its own. The plop! when your lure hit the water. And then came the part that kids are never good at: being patient. But that first tug on the line, the moment you lost sight of your bobber - that was the best reward of all, second only to reeling in that first fish. You were hooked.

In honor of Father's Day - and is it any accident that National Go Fishing Day is tomorrow? -  we'd like to take this opportunity to share a few of those memories from our customers.

Lainey James, Orange Beach AL 

Lainey James flashback

"I cannot remember a time when I did not know how to fish.  We had a lake in our backyard and I spent many afternoons fishing for bass, bream, and catfish.  We bought a boat for the gulf and started fishing in Orange Beach, AL for red snapper. Although we were fairly new to snapper fishing, we had a lot of fun even though the snapper were barely legal. Red Snapper fishing is very different than bass fishing because you are most likely fishing with a circle hook, so the fish will set the hook themselves. I remember my dad always telling me to be patient, and when you feel a hit, start reeling slowly. I mastered this technique very well and became more patient than my dad. 

Lainey James Everglades 355cc

One day, my dad and I went fishing a few miles offshore. After I reeled in a few snapper, my dad reeled in a fish that we could not identify. My dad asked if it was a shark and I said it wasn’t because it had no dorsal fin. Then he thought it might be a saltwater catfish, and again I said no, because it had no whiskers. We went on going through the different possibilities of fish, and we were stumped and did not know what to do with the fish. We ended up releasing the fish in case it was an illegal catch, and returned to the dock. The first couple of people we described the fish to all gave us the same answer to what type of fish we caught - cobia! (cobia are also called ‘ling’ or ‘lemon fish’ ).  We did not really now what a cobia was at the time, but when we told our friends that we threw it back, they went crazy, explaining to us that cobia are some of the best fish to eat and some say the taste easily trumps snapper and trigger fish! On that fishing trip, we definitely learned our lesson, and since then have caught severaI cobia and kept them! I’m so grateful for my dad and that he always takes time to take me fishing."

You can follow Lainey on Instagram, at @laineyjamesfishing.

Max and Jeanette Baumgardner, Orlando FL

"I grew up learning and loving to fish with my father. My entire young life I looked forward to every fishing opportunity spent with him. The first fish I ever caught was a blue gill. I still have that fish mounted at my house today. Looking back, it was some of the best quality time we had together. My wife also grew up with her fondest childhood memories being her time spent at the lake and on the water.

Baumgardner boys Everglades 273cc

We now have two young boys and wish for them to have the same memories and experiences in a world filled with electronics, television, and other distractions. When choosing a boat to fit all of our family needs, we found the Everglades 273cc was the perfect boat. There is enough room for two families to comfortably spend an entire day doing anything, on almost any body of water. Being unsinkable makes this one of the safest boats and best rides for our family. 

Max Baumgardner and son Everglades 273cc

My four year old just caught his first fish on our boat. I hope it will be a lasting memory for him as well. Our Everglades 273cc is helping teach life lessons and building a legacy of memories for our family. This Father's Day - and many more - will be brought to us by Everglades Boats." 

You can follow Max on Instagram at @fishingdadx2.

Priceless memories like these are at the very heart of what Everglades Boats envisions for its customers. We want you to focus on family, fun and fishing, confident in the knowledge that your Everglades is built to last just as long as your memories. 

Wishing you all a happy Father's Day,
~ EB

Special thanks to Lainey, Max and Jeanette for sharing their photos and memories with us! Want to share yours? Tell us in the comments below!

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