Everglades Boats Demystifies Boat Buying

If you've attended any boat shows this season, you know you have a lot of choices, no matter what you want to do on the water. So how can you make an informed decision, when you have innumerable brands trying to convince you they are the best? Read on, as we demystify boat buying!

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  • Know What You're Looking For

This may sound like a no-brainer, but knowing exactly where and how you intend to use your boat will help you dramatically narrow down your choices. Safety of
course should be at the top of your list, but are you seeking comfort while you leisurely cruise and entertain? Or are you looking for a safe, dependable boat that will help you land that next big catch? Discover Boating's Boat Selector Tool helps determine what you value in a boat by allowing you to browse multiple categories, ranging from what you'd like to fish for, to how many passengers you'll be bringing aboard. Some brands - like us! - offer the best of both worlds with luxury center consoles. Just take a look at our entire fleet

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  • Know What Comes Standard

Once you've decided on the use of your boat, and you begin researching specific brands, make a list of features and specifications important to you. Do you want the ease of joystick docking thanks to Yamaha's Helm Master® with SetPoint™, or do you value a retractable windshield? Will you have to choose between a greater number of cupholders, or a greater number of rodholders? Is SeaKeeper really so magical? Keep in mind, that what one brand lists as "standard" might be considered a costly "option" for another. If you're a comparison shopper, then you're in luck: Boating magazine released its 2018 Buyer's Guide earlier this year, and it's available for digital download here. In it you'll find detailed write-ups (with specs!) of 79 different boat models, from those built for cruising and entertaining to those for fishing. (Pssst, if you want to read what they had to say about our 253cc, scroll to page 142!)

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  • Read the Fine Print

Intelligent buyers protect their investments. They stay on top of maintenance, but they also make sure they have the best warranty. But not all warranties are created equal. Some pick and choose what they cover - only the hull, only the deck, only hardware. Knowing the specifics of your warranty can prevent surprises - and headaches! - in the future. (Incidentally, Everglades Boats offers one of the best warranties in the marine industry: lifetime hull, and five year stem-to-stern. Read more about it here.) To this end, BoatU.S. is an incredible resource for both the seasoned seafarer and the first time buyer. You can read tips about loans and financing, request quotes for insurance, view classified ads for pre-owned boats in your state, and read reviews to help you make an educated decision about your next investment. 

These are just a few topics of interest to consider when buying a boat. If you have a specific question or topic you'd like to see addressed in a future post, click the button below.

See you on the water!

~ EB

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