Behind the scenes at Everglades Boats!

Each Friday, we share glimpses of our factory with you across social media, to give you an idea of all the elements involved with the making of Everglades Boats. This #FactoryFriday, we have a surprise for you: we are pulling the curtain all the way back, inviting you to take an exclusive look at what makes Everglades Boats so unique. Join us as we go behind the scenes of our 2018 Factory Tour film shoot!

      The first step of any shoot is concept development and writing of a script. The goal was a simple one: highlight all the reasons we’ve earned the title of “pioneers” in the marine industry. We met with our engineers and designers, supervisors, and integral craftspeople from various departments to discuss the best ways to make our process accessible. The purpose of this film is for everyone - from seasoned fishermen to first time boat buyers - to recognize just how very different we are from the competition, and how we plan to maintain our reputation as innovators.

Up next was visits to all departments. We asked all the questions you would want to ask: where do you begin? What factors go into the conceptual design of a boat? How does that design go from sketch, to 3D model, to prototype? Every answer points to just one conclusion: we over-plan, over-build and test obsessively in order to over-deliver for our customers, time and time again. Everglades Factory Shoot Kelektive
We enlisted the services of innovative, Florida-based media company Kelektive, headed by JJ Slater. His talented creative team of consummate professionals were a perfect match for our vision, and they worked tirelessly to capture the essence of what continues to make Everglades a force to be reckoned with in the luxury center console industry. Using sophisticated audio and visual technologies, they went above and beyond - literally! - to give you an up-close, no holds-barred view of every step in the boat-building process. 

Everglades Factory Shoot camera

Post-production...coming soon!
Hours of film, hundreds of photos, dozens and dozens of takes and re-takes later, we’ve amassed enough material to produce a film we’ll all be proud of. Something that encourages you to look closer, open hatches, turn cranks, push buttons. Something that shows you what our competitors won’t, because they can’t. Something that is a reflection of who we are, not only as a company, but as a team of dedicated individuals whose goal every day is to get every detail right. We can’t wait to share this film, as it reflects all of us, but most importantly, it will help you understand why Everglades Boats reflects you.

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