2018 Everglades Boats Factory Tour

Factory tours. If you've seen one, you've seen them all, right? The Science Channel even has a show dedicated to them, the highly successful - and highly watchable - "How It's Made" series. We here at Everglades Boats have produced several similar films centered around our facility, and posted them to our Facebook and YouTube accounts; it is tremendously gratifying to know just how much they're watched. "I saw that in the factory tour video!" or "That's the guy from the tour!" are phrases commonly overheard at boat shows and other events. Our customers do their homework. But now, we've put together something that will have the whole industry talking. You've never seen a tour like this one. 

Everglades Boats facility in Edgewater FL

Since our last factory film in 2015, we've made some changes and improvements, but one very important facet of our process has stayed the same: RAMCAP. 

The Rapid Molded Core Assembly Process

You've seen it mentioned on our website, heard about it in previous videos and press releases, maybe even seen the RAMCAP stamp on our hulls, "Manufactured by the Ramcap process, Patent No. 5,913,995". But what exactly is it? 

Foam comparison

The secret is in our proprietary flotation foam, which is a significantly higher density than what our competitors use. For the first time ever, we're pulling the curtain back on this revolutionary, NMMA Innovation of the Year award-winning process, inviting you to see the Everglades difference. While it's true, the difference is one you can truly feel in the rock solid ride of any boat in our fleet, we believe it is just as important for you to fully understand the mechanics behind what makes us so unique. We take immense pride in our innovative approach to building a boat, and our loyal customers share that pride, knowing they own and operate the best center console fishing boats on the market today. 

Overhead view Everglades facility

That same pride and attention to detail is evident in every department of our facility, from the welders in our in-house metal fabrication shop, to the specially-trained wire technicians in our wire department; from our testers in the quality assurance lab, to our team of engineers who dream up your next obsession in our research and development department. Our dedicated family of employees deserve the spotlight as much as the boats they create, and in our latest film, you'll see just how much we're different by design.

Everglades 243cc family

Everglades Boats aren't for everyone. But if you're in the market for something different, something you yourself would take pride in building if you could do it yourself, you've found it. Once you've seen the tour, we have no doubt that you'll agree, Everglades reflects you



Everglades Boats would like to thank JJ Slater and the Kelektive team for the time and creative talent required to make this film possible. 

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